Case Study

Improving Attendance by Engaging Families as Partners in Student Success

Fulton County Schools

Imagine a world where students are present every single day.

In Georgia, Fulton County Schools is trying to make that world a reality. Despite having “average” rates of chronic absenteeism, the district realized that improving student attendance is still critical, because attendance is the foundation of student success. By partnering with EveryDay Labs to provide more proactive attendance support for their most vulnerable students, Fulton County has successfully reduced chronic absenteeism and connected families to the resources they need. Ultimately, insights from the partnership informed the district’s shift in attendance policy from responsive and compliant to proactive and supportive.
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Fulton County Schools realized that providing nuanced attendance support is fundamental to student well-being and overall district achievement goals.

Key Takeaways

Proactive & Proven Support

A nonpunitive intervention that is proven to reduce chronic absenteeism prevents students from becoming chronically absent in the first place.

Increasing Attendance, Improving Outcomes

Improving attendance supports many other district priorities—like improving academic achievement and supporting student development and growth.

High Impact, Low Lift

School leaders reported that the lift was so low, they hardly recognized that the EveryDay Labs intervention was in place until they reviewed attendance data and saw the results.

Getting students on track starts with attendance. We can help.