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From Client to Chief Strategy Officer: Why I Chose EveryDay Labs

June 28, 2021

Chief Strategy Officer Diane H. Pappas shares insights from her journey from client to leader at EveryDay Labs.

EveryDay Labs: Building a World-Class Team with Unparalleled Expertise and Passion for Improving Student Outcomes

June 28, 2021

As the need to address the deepening absenteeism crisis and accelerate student learning grows, so grows our team. With a sense of urgency to expand our capacity to serve students, families, and educators, we’re excited to announce the addition of Diane H. Pappas to our executive team and Stephanie Crosier, Rielle Grant, and Liz Ralston to our district partnerships team, led by Jodi Dodds Kinner. Our new team members bring a breadth of diverse experience and expertise from across the education sector to our mission of improving student outcomes by reducing absenteeism.

Quantifying the Impact of Absences in the Context of Covid, a Q&A with Monica Lee

April 20, 2021

We sat down with Dr. Monica Lee, co-author of The Short- and Long-Run Impacts of Secondary School Absences and Reducing Student Absenteeism in the Early Grades by Targeting Parental Beliefs, to contextualize the potential impact of missed learning time during Covid. 

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