EveryDay Insights No. 4

May 29, 2020

Here is the latest:

Using Behavioral Science to Help Families Help Kids

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Dr. Todd Rogers, Chief Scientist of EveryDay Labs, presented as a panelist alongside Hedy Chang of Attendance Works for a webinar for the Campaign for Early Grade Reading. Dr. Rogers and Chang focused on how district administrators can leverage behavioral science insights to support families, particularly during COVID-19.

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PARENTS 2020 National Survey by Learning Heroes

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We love the PARENTS 2020 survey conducted by Learning Heroes. The survey includes responses from a sample size of 3,600 families and provides insight into families’ connection to their students’ education as a result of COVID-19. We are conducting a survey of families that focuses on attendance and remote engagement. Stay tuned for the results in the next edition of EveryDay Insights.

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Key Concepts for Leveraging Chronic Absence During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Attendance Works was at the forefront for making chronic absence a key measure of student outcomes. Now, they are leading the charge to develop a framework that helps ensure students don’t miss out on learning when schools are back in session this fall. Don’t miss their guidance for transitioning back to school.

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