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Our Story

The who and why behind what we do

We founded EveryDay Labs because we believe that making family-school communication more effective can change student outcomes—and we’ve proven that it can.

As a behavioral scientist and professor of public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, Dr. Todd Rogers has worked across public sectors to improve everyday life by using behavioral science insights to mitigate social challenges.  

After his students encouraged him to meet with Dr. Karen L. Mapp, the leading expert on family engagement, Dr. Rogers’ focus changed. She inspired him to focus on families as a way to change student outcomes. Leveraging behavioral science insights to conduct groundbreaking research with a team of researchers including Jessica Lasky-Fink, Dr. Avi Feller, and Dr. Carly Robinson, Dr. Rogers developed attendance nudges designed to empower families to overcome barriers to their children’s school attendance. From that research, Dr. Rogers cofounded EveryDay Labs to help districts implement his intervention scale.

Since then we’ve supported families to help prevent more than 1,200,000 absences across 1,600 schools. And we're just getting started.

Dr. Todd Rogers, cofounder of Everyday Labs.

Leading Our Research and Innovation

EveryDay Labs was cofounded by Dr. Rogers. He is a behavioral scientist and professor of public policy at Harvard University. Dr. Rogers uses data and behavioral science to develop scalable, high-ROI interventions that empower students’ social support systems to improve achievement. He leads EveryDay Labs’ program development and optimization. Dr. Rogers received his Ph.D. jointly from Harvard’s Department of Psychology and Harvard Business School.

Our values are the heart of everything we do.

Behavioral Science

We continuously optimize our programs based on new research from the field.

Evidence & Research

We hold our interventions to industry-leading standards to ensure that we’re making a real impact.

Stronger Together

We believe that collaborative learning communities have the power to change student outcomes.

Student-Centered at Scale

We are committed to creating personalized interventions that foster district-wide improvement.

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Meet Our Team

We’re passionate about helping improve on the lives of students, families, and educators.

Emily Bailard

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Todd Rogers

Cofounder & Chief Scientist

Dr. Karen L. Mapp

Family Engagement Advisor

Getting students on track starts with attendance. We can help.

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