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Champion Student & School Success
by Reducing Absenteeism

Up to 3.3 million 8th–12th graders are at-risk of dropping out.
Attendance is the best early warning indicator a student is off track. 

We Can Help

Our Ecosystem of Attendance Solutions

Provides an evidence-based approach to increasing the number of days students are in school and learning.

Helps keep students on track by proactively using absenteeism data to provide support.

Streamlines how families access resources and helps mitigate barriers to student learning.

How We Do It

Proactive Engagement

Our data experts proactively enroll families in the program as their students become at risk of being academically off track due to chronic absenteeism.

Nonpunitive Messaging

We send nudges by text and mail that help families better understand their children’s attendance, are written to be accessible for all families, and provide actionable information through tested messaging.

Impactful Timing

The evidence-based outreach cadence is customized to engage families at the most important moments on your academic calendar.

Featured School District Partners

Dallas Independent
School District
Fulton County
The School District of
Osceola County
Pasadena Unified School District
Kailua-Kalaheo Complex Area, Hawaii DOE
San Antonio Independent School District
Jefferson Parish Public Schools
Portland Public Schools
District of Columbia Public Schools
Columbus City Schools
Sacramento City Unified School District
Houston Independent School District

When COVID put a stop to education as we know it, their team became part of our team. Their ingenuity and commitment, not only to our district and staff but to the people who ultimately matter most, our students and families, proved invaluable. Without the districtwide communications they designed and deployed to more than 40,000 students, SCUSD would not have had the success we did locating nearly 2,000 students deemed unreachable when our doors closed in March 2020.

Jennifer Kretschman, MTSS Director, Sacramento City Unified School District

The program helped us reduce chronic absenteeism by 11% in the first year. What I love, and principals across the district love, is it’s a low-burden, low-cost way to reduce absences. We brought back an average of 75,000 days of instruction.

Michael Romero, Superintendent, LA Unified South 

Leveraging [the program’s] technology created channels for constant and productive communication between families and schools. And we did this without doubling our staff, which was amazing.

Chelsea Montgomery, Executive Director of Student Services, Fulton County Schools

Our Impact to Date

1.7M+ absences prevented

To date, EveryDay Intervention has prevented over 1.7M absences nationwide.

630M+ minutes of learning

That translates to over 630M minutes of learning, exploration, and engagement.

460K+ connections to resources

Our Support Team and Bot have connected families to supports over 460K times.

2K+ schools served

Our solutions currently support students, families, and educators at over 2K schools.

Learn More About Our Solutions

Find the Right Solution for Your District

Our attendance solutions work individually or as an ecosystem to help proactively expand families' access to supports, make data more actionable for educators, and create more equitable learning opportunities for students. Take our district assessment to find the right solution for your district.

EveryDay Intervention
The only K–12 attendance intervention awarded a "Strong" rating by Evidence for ESSA out of Johns Hopkins University. Our program leverages attendance data to deliver early intervention and expand access to resources that help families overcome student's attendance barriers.
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Truancy Support
Current truancy practices can be punitive and ineffective. Truancy Support quickly identifies truant students for busy educators and sends family-centered truancy letters that are 40% more effective than standard truancy letters.
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EveryDay Pro
EveryDay Pro provides real-time data in accessible, actionable views that help district and school teams identify schools and students in need of support, streamline family outreach, and take data-driven action. The tool helps teams deliver and coordinate interventions to strategically implement their MTSS.
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EveryDay Learning
Our experts provide professional learning that aligns sustainable and actionable attendance strategies to the district's MTSS at all three tiers. The courses support your district’s goals for attendance, engagement, and improved family-school communication.
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Getting students on track starts with attendance. We can help.