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An Ecosystem of Innovative
Attendance Solutions

Aligned to Federal Recovery and ESSA Funding

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EveryDay Intervention

The only PreK-12 attendance intervention with a Strong Evidence rating from Evidence for ESSA. Fostering a supportive partnership between the district and families, it prevents absences by keeping families informed of their student's attendance and removing barriers. While the program's outcome is proven attendance improvement, it's about expanding access—making information, resources, and learning opportunities more accessible.

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EveryDay Pro

Our MTSS attendance platform, EveryDay Pro provides practitioners with an all-in-one solution for analyzing attendance trends at the district, school, and student level along with space to collaborate on intervention management by tracking meetings, notes, and cohorts at the student and school level.

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Truancy Support

Standard truancy practices leave families scared, angry, and sad. Our answer is technology that lets busy educators send personalized, supportive, and motivating truancy notices with just one click. Quickly gain insights and dive deeper into each student's attendance details with access to the EveryDay Pro MTSS platform.

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EveryDay Learning

When you purchase EveryDay Intervention, you'll have access to a wide array of professional learning opportunities to support your district’s goals for attendance, learning recovery, and family engagement. Our experts help school teams work more effectively, better understand data, and leverage evidence-based improvement strategies at each tier of the MTSS.

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Multitiered System of Supports (MTSS)

Attendance Works, the national leader in attendance advocacy and policy, provides districts with a three-tiered framework to reduce chronic absences.

Our solutions and professional learning are designed to work seamlessly together to support your MTSS.

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