EveryDay Pro

A web-based platform that makes it easy to understand and act on attendance

Reducing absenteeism is hard. Accessing the right data right when you need it and collaborating to provide the right supports for every student, family, and school shouldn’t be. EveryDay Pro gives practitioners an end-to-end attendance improvement tool with easy-to-understand attendance data and the ability to coordinate supports and case management in one user-friendly platform.

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EveryDay Pro client data dashboard.

EveryDay Pro alerts for attendance teams when students are newly at risk or eligible for intervention. The platform also provides access to a database of evidence-based Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions and a professional learning library that includes videos.

Everday Pro student data dashboard.
  • Absence patterns and trends including a breakdown of days absent, reason codes, and more

  • Intervention tracking and next steps based on trends and patterns

  • Space to collaborate on case management by tracking meetings and notes

  • Family Support Bot and Family Support Team data

Everyday Pro dashboard with student details.

EveryDay Pro is designed to reduce the lift on attendance teams so they have more time where it counts—with students and families.

Space is limited for the 2021–2022 school year.

Getting students on track starts with attendance. We can help.