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Nine randomized controlled trials with over 200,000 students.

Efficacy matters because
every day counts.

Absenteeism is both a leading indicator and cause of students falling behind their peers academically. Each student misses school for unique reasons, but students from vulnerable communities attendance is more dependent on systemic barriers.

Miss early learning milestones

Miss third grade literacy benchmarks

Perform below peers in ELA and Math

Dropout of high school

Be part of the criminal justice system

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Our research proves our data-driven, personalized approach to absence prevention can help remove the barriers that keep students from learning every day.

Preventing Absences in a Remote Learning Environment

An Evaluation of Evident in LAUSD
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Using Behavioral Insights to Improve School Administrative Communications

The Case of Truancy Notifications
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Reducing Absenteeism in the Early Grades by Targeting Parental Beliefs

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Reducing Absences at Scale by Targeting Parents’ Misbeliefs

A Summary of Research
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Our process ensures districts can be confident they are making an impact.

Our interventions leverage behavioral science and in-depth research. We run randomized control trials (RCTs) to ensure they meet the threshold for Strong Evidence under ESSA. Then we optimize them based on on-going implementation research.

Concept Development

We partner with leading experts and practitioners to identify opportunities to better leverage student support systems. Then we apply the latest research from the field of behavioral science to conceptualize a targeted intervention.

Evaluation & Scaling

We evaluate our interventions' quantitative impact through RCTs and gather qualitative feedback through surveys and A/B testing to maximize our intervention's impact district-wide.

Continuous Optimization

We never stop optimizing our programs. Even after proof of impact at scale, we continue to run A/B tests and RCT experiments to continually optimize every aspect of our programs—year after year.

Behavioral science is in our DNA, we help districts make it part of theirs.

The EveryDay Intervention leverages key insights from behavioral science—the field dedicated to understanding the “why” behind human behavior. The insights come from research across sectors, including politics, psychology, and neuroscience.


Research shows increasing ease increases the likelihood people will take action. Our goal is to make important information as accessible as possible by simplifying our content and reducing the effort it takes for families to access support. 


Tailoring information to the recipient makes it more effective. We personalize each of our communications with data specific to the families student to increase the impact.

Social Proof

Providing people with a point of reference helps them make decisions. We provide families with a context for expectations about their student's attendance which helps them decide what actions they need to take to meet it.