Addressing Absenteeism

Toolkits to help educators foster a culture of attendance

Family Partnerships Toolkit

Key insights, research, and strategies for how to effectively partner with families so they feel valued as their children’s first teachers and can support attendance and learning. Featuring Dr. Karen L. Mapp and Dr. Todd Rogers.

Attendance Toolkit

Creating a culture of attendance—whether remote or in person—requires a data-informed, multitiered approach that engages students and families. This toolkit provides strategies for using data to identify and address barriers to attendance and learning. Our webinars feature Austin Beutner, Michael Romero, Phyllis Jordan, Hedy Chang, and Dr. Todd Rogers.

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Evidence and Funding

Learn more about what constitutes an evidence-based strategy and why evidence matters when it comes to changing student outcomes. Featuring Scott SchmidtBonne, Phyllis Jordan, and Dr. Todd Rogers.

Getting students on track starts with attendance. We can help.

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