EveryDay Intervention

Proven to reduce chronic absenteeism by 11–15%

EveryDay Intervention is an evidenced-based program that fosters a supportive partnership between school districts and families that results in attendance improvement and supports student and school success. The program was born from groundbreaking research by Dr. Todd Rogers, our Chief Scientist and a Professor of Public Policy at Harvard University.

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Example of personalized communication via text and mail.Example of Everyday Labs' personalized communication via text and mail.

How EveryDay Intervention Works


EveryDay Intervention works by monitoring daily attendance data coming in from your Student Information System (SIS). We work with your district’s data team to integrate or create automated data extracts.


The program leverages attendance data as an early warning indicator. It automatically identifies when a student becomes at-risk of being off track and delivers targeted intervention in the form of mail & text nudges.


The at-risk student's family receive nudges by text & mail. The nudges simplify access to information & district supports. Each nudge is personalized based on grade level, school, and level of absenteeism.


Families receive continuous support throughout the year until their student is no longer at-risk or chronically absent. The result is a supportive district-family partnership and a reduction of chronic absenteeism by 10-15%.

Continuous, Multichannel Intervention, No School Staff Time Required

Everyday Labs implementation cycle infographic.

Families of at-risk or chronically absent students will receive timely text nudges with an offer of support up to twice per month. The nudges appear to come from the district and connect families to the AI-Powered Family Support Bot or live, multilingual Family Support Team.

Enrolled families may receive up to six mail nudges per year and help remove inconsistent contact information as a barrier to support. The nudges are short and clear, designed with busy families in mind, and help them easily keep track of their student's absences.

How the Program's Components Support Student Success

Attendance Analytics

Attendance data is the earliest and best indicator a student is off-track for success. The program leverages the power of that data to deliver targeted intervention.

Text Nudges

Our text nudges help provide families with timely updates on a student's attendance and streamline the way families access supports aligned to their student's attendance barriers.

Family Support Bot

Our AI-Powered Family Support Bot is customized by the district to connect families with both district and community resources. Families can access resources anytime, anywhere.

Mail Nudges

Mail nudges provide families with easy-to-understand information about their student's attendance. Each nudge has Student Success Modules tailored to support district initiatives.

Family Support Team

Our multilingual Family Support Team provides one-on-one support by phone. The team helps answer families' questions and connects them to resources that help them overcome attendance barriers.

Equitably Reaching Families and Improving Data Quality

Our strategically layered nudges are sent via text AND mail to ensure that all families have access to the resources they need to support their children’s attendance. Oftentimes, families from communities experiencing economic marginalization don’t have consistent access to the internet or an accurate phone number in the district’s school information system, so mail is the best way to support them. The USPS’s change of address service ensures that mail nudges reach even highly mobile families. We flag incorrect mailing addresses and phone numbers for districts and through our nudges, prompt families to keep their information as up to date as possible.

Did You Know?

Research shows that mail-based interventions help promote positive attendance over time, while text-based communications support short-term actions needed to make long-term progress.

What makes EveryDay Intervention different?

EveryDay Intervention leverages best practices from the science of behavior change and family engagement. The program's nudges help families take action to support attendance. Additionally, EveryDay Intervention incorporates guidance from nationally-renowned family engagement expert Dr. Karen L. Mapp to take an asset-based view of families as essential partners in fostering student and school success.

Other Attendance Programs

  • Start once a student is already chronically absent
  • Provide limited family support
  • Are compliance-centered and feel punitive to families
  • Are implemented inconsistently across the district and require extra time and professional development
  • Are not evidence-based

EveryDay Intervention

  • Leverages attendance data as an early warning indicator to keep students on track for success
  • Expands family access to resources across the district
  • Takes an asset-based view of families
  • Supports schools teams with a centralized intervention that requires no extra time or professional development
  • Is the only K–12 attendance intervention with a strong rating under ESSA

Funding Sources

Title I
Title IV, Pt. A
State and Local
Early Childhood
Student Services

Getting students on track starts with attendance. We can help.