EveryDay Intervention

Proven to reduce chronic absenteeism
by 10–15% districtwide

EveryDay Intervention is based on the research by Dr. Todd Rogers, our chief scientist and a professor of public policy at Harvard University, on using behavioral science to bring families into the learning community with a focus on attendance. The result is our low-lift, evidence-based intervention program. We monitor districts’ attendance data and proactively send families of students at risk of becoming academically offtrack due to absenteeism personalized communication via text and mail—which we refer to as “nudges.”

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Example of personalized communication via text and mail.Example of Everyday Labs' personalized communication via text and mail.

How It Works for Districts


We integrate with your student information system to receive daily attendance data.


We monitor your attendance data.


Families receive personalized nudges by text and mail in their home language. The nudges are customized based on their child’s grade level, school, and level of absenteeism.


We provide actionable reporting three times per year to help districts identify trends, patterns, and barriers to attendance.

How It Supports Students and Families

Everyday Labs implementation cycle infographic.

The Program Supports Your Attendance Goals With:

Data Analytics

Our analysts monitor your district’s attendance data and ensure that students and families get the support they need.

Text Nudges

Personalized nudges are sent to families of at-risk and chronically absent students.

Family Support Bot

The Bot helps families with barrier-specific needs by directing them to the right resource or connecting them directly to our Family Support Team for more complex issues.

Mail Nudges

Our personalized mail nudges help families better understand and overcome barriers to attendance.

Family Support Team

We provide families one-on-one support by phone to connect them to resources that address their children’s attendance barriers.

Equitably Reaching Families and Improving Data Quality

Why text and mail? Our strategically layered nudges are sent via text and mail to ensure that all families have access to the resources they need to support their children’s attendance. Oftentimes, families from communities experiencing economic marginalization don’t have consistent access to the internet or an accurate phone number in the district’s school information system, so mail is the best way to support them.¬ The USPS’s change of address service ensures that mail nudges reach even highly mobile families. We flag incorrect mailing addresses and phone numbers for districts while prompting families to keep their information as up to date as possible.

Did You Know?

Research shows that mail-based interventions help promote positive attendance over time, while text-based communications support short-term actions needed to make long-term progress.

Truancy Support
Powered by EveryDay Intervention

Districts implementing our EveryDay Intervention can add our Truancy Module to take a more student-centered approach to truancy. Our Truancy Support pushes notifications based on communications developed through research conducted by EveryDay Labs’ cofounder Dr. Todd Rogers and Attendance Works’ executive director Hedy Chang.

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What makes our truancy notifications different?

Our proven family outreach principles are applied to optimize state-mandated truancy notifications. The truancy notifications are easy to understand, written in the family’s home language (English or Spanish), and clearly communicate by removing complicated legal language. Our Truancy Module is designed to complement the nudges sent through our EveryDay Intervention to ensure that families receive clear, consistent messaging.

Standard Truancy Notifications

  • A focus on punitive language
  • Compliance centered
  • Take time to produce, print, and mail

Our Truancy Notifications

  • Restorative and centered on family-school partnerships
  • Restorative and centered on family-school partnerships
  • Automated to remove the compliance burden on school sites

Our text notifications alert families to their student’s truant status and prompt them to call their school to schedule a supportive meeting.

Delivered based on mandated truancy notification triggers, our mail notifications take the emphasis off punitive language and place it on supporting students and families.

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Title IV, Pt. A
State and Local
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