Are you keeping an eye on the right attendance metrics for student success?

One of the best strategies behind improving student attendance is by grounding your team in real time data. When informed with the best data, your team can develop more effective interventions and supports and take preventative measures informed by concrete evidence. 

In our world of information overload at every turn, it can be overwhelming to know which data to pull, observe and track on a regular basis. Read on for strategies to help you tune out the noise and efficiently use your precious time to analyze the right data.

Year to Date Attendance & Chronic Absenteeism Rates

These metrics are not just a way to measure the overall health of your school, but can help you set informed attendance goals. 

Chronic absenteeism rate, defined as the percentage of students enrolled who have missed 10% or more days of school, can give you insight into challenges that may have been formerly overlooked. Oftentimes, a high attendance rate can mask a high chronic absenteeism. It’s similar to the way that a high average 8th grade math score can overshadow the students who are struggling and need extra help.

Monthly Attendance & Chronic Absenteeism Rates

This allows your team to view any emerging patterns and trends within specific months. For example, did the chronic absenteeism rate increase in October, then decrease in November? What may be the root cause? Being able to identify these challenges allow teams to develop targeted campaigns that can turn the numbers around.

EveryDay Pro allows you to clearly track both rates- notice the rise in chronic absenteeism from September to October with the same attendance rate.

Percent & Number of Students by MTSS Tier 

By viewing the percent and number of students in each attendance tier, you can further focus and prioritize resources and supports as you design Tier I, Tier II and Tier III interventions:

Tier I:

  • Regularly attending: 0-4.9% Absence rate
  • At-Risk: 5-9.9% Absence rate

Tier II:

  • Chronically Absent: 10-19.9% Absence rate

Tier III:

  • Severely Chronically Absent: 20-49.9% Absence rate
  • Extremely Chronically Absent: 50% and above Absence rate

Alongside tracking the number of students and the percent of your student population falling into the categories above, it can be extremely helpful to access lists of students that fall into these tiers for easy intervention group creation and coordination.

 EveryDay Pro presents this information for quick insights, plus you can click through directly to view a list of students within each tier.

When tracking the right data, it is much easier to provide the right intervention to the right student, bringing you one step closer to student success at your school. 

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Getting students on track starts with attendance. We can help.