February 16, 2024

FREE Spring Slide Session March 6 at Noon PT!

For some of us, the winter weather may seem interminable, but the reality is that spring is just around the corner! However, as the weather gets nicer, it may seem increasingly difficult to motivate students to show up to school. 

It’s not just you: it’s the Spring Slide. This phenomenon refers to what we all feel fairly intuitively: a decrease in student attendance in the spring semester. 

According to TASC, 25% of students are more likely to miss school in the spring, rather than the fall. 

Why do we need to be concerned?

Research shows that while all absences matter, spring absences are more harmful because of the increased rigor in those lessons. Building and expanding upon the groundwork done in the fall, missed lessons in the spring means losing more substantial learning opportunities. As accelerating learning is top of mind for everyone, we want to maximize as many learning opportunities as possible.

Looking for tips to help you get ahead of the Spring Slide? Join us for a thirty minute session dedicated to this very topic!

All About Mitigating the Spring Slide

Wednesday, March 6

12 pm PT / 1 pm MT / 2 pm CT / 3 pm ET

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