November 23, 2021

Meet Romeo, the EveryDay Lab!

Hello Friends! 

I’m Romeo, the resident everyday lab at EveryDay Labs! Between helping inspire my mom and her colleagues to prevent millions of student absences nationwide, and preparing for my 10th Thanksgiving, my world has been pretty busy lately.

Despite my busy schedule, I always make time to put pen to paper and reflect on the important things in life. If you keep a gratitude journal like me, I’m sure you get it.  From the crisp fall air to the hefty leaf piles I’ve been enjoying lately, I know it’s time to give some extra thanks in the spirit of Thanksgiving. 

In between numerous walks and just as many naps, I’ve also been watching the impact EveryDay Labs has had on the lives of students, families, and educators across the country, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. What are my top 3 things I’m grateful for? I’m so glad you asked. 

1. My health

As they say, health is wealth. It’s so important that I’ve even heard that EveryDay Labs’ family outreach includes a Family Support Bot and multilingual Family Support Team that connects families and students to district and local community health and wellness services! Hot dog!

2. My family

They have my back and I have theirs. They remind me how EveryDay Labs helps districts nurture family-school partnerships to help students overcome barriers to attendance and learn every day, and that makes me smile. 

3. The mail

Letters are so deliciously informative, aren’t they? However, they’re not just a nice little treat in between meals, but a way to reach the people you love with a fun greeting, a good discount, and even attendance reports! In fact, mailed letters home have actually been proven to improve long-term attendance behaviors. 

What are you grateful for this year? Let me know on Twitter @EveryDayLabs!  

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! 

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