September 7, 2023

Writing for Busy Families & Staff: FREE Communication Session with Dr. Todd Rogers & Dr. Karen Mapp!

In our busy modern world, bombarded with messages and constantly pressed for time, we all skim for the most relevant and important information. Your district’s families and staff members are no exception. 

Join our co-founder and Chief Scientist Dr. Todd Rogers and family engagement expert Dr. Karen Mapp on September 21, 3-4 pm ET for a FREE session packed with strategies to craft more effective, more equitable, and kinder communications that your district’s families and staff will read and engage with meaningfully. 

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Speaker: Todd Rogers co-authored Writing for Busy Readers with Jessica Lasky-Fink. A professor of public policy at Harvard, he studies how to effectively and respectfully communicate, especially with busy families. For more, visit: 

Moderator: Dr. Karen Mapp is a Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. She is a leading family and community engagement expert who focuses on cultivating partnerships among schools, families, and communities for enhancing student achievement and school performance. 

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