Attendance is fundamental to getting
and keeping students on track.

Maximize CARES, CRRSA, ARP funds to rebuild positive attendance habits
and engage families and students as partners in learning.  

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Districts can use recovery funds for attendance and enrollment.

The already significant disparities in educational opportunity have been exacerbated by the pandemic, leaving K–12 districts nationwide prioritizing engagement and attendance for their most vulnerable students and families. The unprecedented flexibility allocating federal relief spending will enable districts to address these crucial needs.

Recovery Funding Sources

CARES, 2020

Coronavirus Aid, Relief, & Economic Security Act
(Established ESSER funds)

K–12 Funding:
13.2 billion

CRRSA, 2020

Coronavirus Response & Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act

K–12 Funding:
54 billion

ARP, 2021

American Rescue Plan

K–12 Funding:
126 billion

Allowable Uses


Stabilizing school operations

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learning loss

Graduation icon.


Making investments for permanent improvement

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More flexible funding means more control over meeting your students' unique needs.

The allowable use of these funds is broader than previous legislation, enabling local districts to directly address the needs of their students, teachers, and communities.

Most “supplement not supplant” provisions found in ESSA Title I are waived for these allocations. Districts can and should invest in ensuring students are present and accounted for this summer and beyond.

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We provide essential attendance messaging and proven intervention at scale.

Get ahead of attendance, now. EveryDay Labs delivers an evidence-based absence prevention program. With the only K–12 intervention with Strong Evidence under ESSA, we help districts engage disconnected students and families and increase attendance by changing attendance behavior via multichannel nudges to lay the foundation for learning.

EveryDay Intervention Combines

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Advanced analytics
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Personalized nudge mailings
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nudge texts
Chabot icon.
On-demand chatbot support
Family Support Team icon.
Multilingual Family Support Team
Family icon.
Provide essential attendance messaging, early intervention, and support districtwide through a low-lift implementation.
Empower families as a support system for attendance districtwide with no change in teacher behavior.
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Equity icon.
Leverage behavioral science to build positive attendance habits and reduce chronic absenteeism by 10–15% districtwide.

Curated resources to support recovery efforts. 

We've curated resources to help make it easier to understand how to use federal funds to mitigate barriers to learning. Check back often for updates.

We sit side by side—screen to screen—with districts to align our work to their recovery initiatives. Contact us to learn more.

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We work side by side with districts to create a plan that supports their initiatives. Contact us to learn more.

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