Dr. Todd Rogers
Co-founder & Chief Scientist

Todd is a behavioral scientist who studies how mobilizing and empowering students’ social networks can increase student success. He founded the Student Social Support R&D Lab at Harvard to use data and behavioral science to develop and prove scalable, high ROI interventions that mobilize and empower students’ social support systems to improve achievement. As Chief Scientist, Todd leads EveryDay Labs' research and innovation, leveraging evidence from our RCTs, research from the Harvard S3 Lab, and academic research to improve the effectiveness of our programs. Todd received his PhD jointly from Harvard’s department of Psychology and Harvard Business School. Rogers is a co-founder, equity holder, and currently Chief Scientist at Everyday Labs (an unpaid position). His role as Professor of Public Policy at Harvard is independent of his role as Chief Scientist at EveryDay Labs and should not in any way be interpreted as constituting an endorsement by the University of the Company’s products or services.