The Power of a Student Being Present:

 A Comprehensive Summary of Student Absenteeism Research 

September 2021

Attendance begets discovery, exploration, learning, and achievement: it is the keystone of student growth and well-being. But, students are missing more school than ever.

This review of research seeks to identify the scale and scope of the student absenteeism crisis across the United States, showcase research that highlights the critical consequences to students after missing a significant number of school days, and spotlight best practices and interventions that have been proven successful to overcoming barriers to chronic absenteeism.
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Over six chapters, this summary makes critical connections between absenteeism, equity, literacy development, on-track achievement, high school graduation and more.

Key Takeaways

An Issue of Equity

The pandemic exacerbated systemic inequities that increase absenteeism. Addressing it is vital to driving more equitable student outcomes.

Attendance Improves Outcomes

Increasing attendance is pivotal for supporting all district priorities—from student well-being and achievement to climate and school quality.

Keep Students On Track

The cumulative effects of absenteeism take students off track. Addressing it can help keep them on track for graduation.

Getting students on track starts with attendance. We can help.