May 16, 2023

Choosing the right EveryDay Labs attendance solution for your district

Maybe you’re ready to go the next step with your attendance efforts and are considering a partnership with EveryDay Labs. We’re so glad you’re here! 

Every district has unique needs, so we’ve outlined different partnership options to help you decide which would be the best approach, based on your district’s size, needs, and goals. Our solutions are designed to help you efficiently and effectively meet the needs of all students in your district. 

EveryDay Labs solutions work across your MTSS, supporting educators and students.

EveryDay Labs can help you improve attendance across your district through several avenues. The best solution for you may depend on your most pressing needs and priorities. Below you’ll find different options based on your current gaps and initiatives.  

How can EveryDay Labs solutions be purchased?

Our solutions are purchased at the district level. While a large benefit is that they work at scale for staff across your entire district, all district schools do not have to participate. 

Purchasing Options

Data Deep Dive: EveryDay Pro Attendance Platform

Are you struggling with attendance & chronic absenteeism? 

Do you need early insights into attendance challenges before they become too severe? 

Do you wish your SIS could generate better attendance reports? 

You’re not alone. In a survey of one large urban district, we found only 16% of educators felt they had the tools to improve student attendance.

Tackling chronic absenteeism begins with building a better understanding of the problem. Gaining insights into how attendance data fluctuates and whether attendance dips on certain days of the week, and for which groups of students, can strategically inform your next actions and interventions. 

EveryDay Pro provides PreK-12 practitioners with an all-in-one solution for analyzing attendance patterns and trends and addressing attendance challenges at the district, school, and student level. Your team may already have intervention resources and initiatives running across the MTSS, and EveryDay Pro helps maximize that investment by helping target the right students at the right time. It provides intervention coordination tools that help practitioners streamline their family outreach and work more efficiently together by tracking meetings, notes, and student cohorts at the student and school level. 

Bringing EveryDay Pro to educators across your district can help support your team:

  • Run more informed attendance initiatives and campaigns. 
  • Intervene earlier by surfacing attendance patterns & trends. 
  • Strategically coordinate support and family outreach with intervention tracking and case management tools.

  To help get your team up and running in no time, EveryDay Labs provides a free implementation session, and the dedicated resource center plus live chat helps answer any ongoing questions. Check out a demo here.  

Low Lift Chronic Absenteeism Intervention: EveryDay Intervention + EveryDay Pro Attendance Platform

Are you all about the evidence base

Are teams spending too much time printing, mailing, and texting thousands upon thousands of potentially ineffective attendance communications? 

Do educators spend a lot of time delivering intensive interventions and need support with proactive family outreach & connecting students to resources?  

In a national survey, attendance staff reported spending just 3% of their time meeting with families, but rated it the most useful communication channel for improving attendance. EveryDay Intervention & EveryDay Pro both help supercharge your family engagement efforts.

EveryDay Intervention is a Tier I intervention that works consistently across your district, requiring no change in school practices, sending personalized and proactive mail and text nudges to families of students who are or at risk of being chronically absent and informing them of their student’s attendance and its connection to success. The live, multilingual family support team answers questions and concerns about attendance and connects families to district and community resources that mitigate barriers to attendance. This powerful combination of family engagement strategies and strategically timed messages has been proven to reduce chronic absenteeism by 11-15% across entire districts. 

By managing Tier I support and removing administrative burdens from educators, at-risk students won’t fall through the cracks, and school and district staff have more time to focus on providing more intensive Tier II and Tier III intervention to the students who need them most. 

Throughout the year, EveryDay Labs is by your side, with a Program Manager to help launch the program and answer your ongoing questions. Additionally, your team can view ongoing reporting from EveryDay Intervention, including mail and text nudges sent, resources families were connected to, and incorrect addresses and phone numbers to help you keep your directory updated.  

EveryDay Intervention includes:

  • Six rounds of mail nudges sent to families of students who are or at risk of being chronically absent.
  • Text nudges sent every other week to families of students who are or at risk of being chronically absent.
  • 24/7 Family Support Bot, that connects families with district and community resources, such as transportation, food, and housing support
  • Live, multilingual Family Support Team that fields calls and answers questions about the nudges and/or connects families to district resources to help them overcome barriers to attendance.
  • Weekly Reporting available on EveryDay Pro to further connect the dots on student progress & barriers. 

Family-centered Truancy Compliance: Truancy Support

Do you need an easy way to stay in compliance of state truancy laws? 

Are team members spending hours printing and mailing letters that are potentially not resonating with families?

You wouldn't be the only district looking for some updated truancy processes. Standard Notices of Truancy (NOTs) leave families scared, angry, and sad, and do not motivate them to take action. 

Your district may already have several chronic absenteeism initiatives underway, but perhaps truancy compliance work is taking too much time and the truancy letters you’re using are not moving the needle. While truancy protocols have been historically punitive, Truancy Support provides a restorative approach. Truancy Support alleviates the administrative burden across all schools in your district and complements the family outreach already underway by identifying students who are eligible for a NOT, printing and mailing as needed, and providing regular reporting on truancy implementation. 

Truancy Support includes:

  • Online portal that automatically identifies students that are truant
  • Restorative, family-centered truancy notices that are proven to be 40% more effective than standard NOTs, printed and mailed on their behalf.
  • Reporting on student eligibility for notices and notices sent, both overall and broken down by demographic.
  • Access to EveryDay Pro to get the full attendance picture at the student, school, and district levels 

Truancy & Chronic Absenteeism Solution: EveryDay Intervention + Truancy Support

Ready to tackle chronic absenteeism and truancy all together? 

If you’re looking for attendance solutions that will both keep you within compliance of state truancy laws and proactively reduce chronic absenteeism by 11-15%, a combination of EveryDay Intervention & Truancy Support is a great option. Both work at scale across your entire district while educators continue the important work of building relationships with students and families. Together, these proactive, restorative solutions directly connect families to resources and engage them as partners in their student’s success.  

Take the district assessment to learn more about the ideal solution for your district, or click here if you’re ready to learn more and connect with an attendance expert at EveryDay Labs! 

Getting students on track starts with attendance. We can help.